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voice | Commentaires : 1004

and your voice..silence..waiting to listen you..wanted YOUet dans cette attente,n'avoir de cesse de te rêver,n'avoir de cesse de t'écrire..t'écrire..pour être plus proche..quelques lignes encore..peut-être seras-tu au bout de celle-ci..non..ici

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strangely | Commentaires : 1457

when you are,when you think so far away..you could go anywhere you wantmaybe you would go where your dreams taking youso far awayit seems like you're in the cloudsbut also true, hard that the roadso take your dreams,take your clouds,and go where your

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butterfly | Commentaires : 4221

like butterflies inside me when I'm on the road with.. youto think, to sing with you,we could travel all nights and days long,as far as we would,travel and see gardens,travel and arise in sunrisetravel along with full moonlike butterflies inside me

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St. Petersburg | Commentaires : 3464

St. Petersburg, Samarkand, Barcelona, Ottawa, ..where is my mind ?where am I ? lost in everywhere,lost in nothingonly nowhere.. just here,without.. only writing on,only writing for..thinking of.. never tell what..I've forget I miss..only dream

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sunday time | Commentaires : 1408

sunday is almost finishedtime passes..so quickly..this morning awake in the clouds..the day go to read, take care of childrens, discusscarpe diemall day long in clouds..'cause dreams on my mindtime passes..nothing new on my horizon..but all for

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